2009-10-08 Edmon Khalil
17 oktober - 11 november

Edmon Khalil ställer ut bilder i galleriet.

Vernissage lördag 17 oktober kl 12-16

Edmon Khalil gör sin andra utställning på Burkina Faso Design. Edmon är utbildad konstnär och industridesigner från Sudan, numer verksam i Sverige. Edmon har tidigare haft ett stort antal utställningar i Sudan, Eritrea, Egypten, Kenya, Frankrike och Sverige.
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Så här skriver Edmon Khalil om sin konst:
”Art not only evokes memory and contemplates the loss of the past, but also encounters the present and shapes the future. My art is a product of a rich heritage and a wealth of experience gained from growing up in Sudan and further my recent diaspora experience. A a Sudanese of African ethnic origin,my part and present are married with memories of loss, dislocation, migration, exile and forgotten heritage. Now living in Sweden, not a stranger to migration and diaspora. For me they are intricate part of a group tradition reinforced by the African tragic. And then I ask myself all this diaspora; To which matter belong politics and religions?
I move from one medium to another trying to go beyond a certain medium to one which has different potentials. I like art that grows and develops the same way that the natural world works. And in my art I experiment. Darfor is my obsession.”

Välkommen till Edmon Khalils utställning!